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Chapter 1 The Legend of Ronzig

Long, long ago, long before the age of science, long before the Ice Age even, there was an age which humans have pushed from their memory. This was the age of magic, when sorcerers and wizards fought great battles in search of an outcome to the conflict between good and evil. Sorcerers sought to arm themselves with the powers of evil in order to gain control of the world and wizards sought to use the powers of good to defeat these sorcerers and keep the world free.

As the world explored the great secrets of science, foolish people decided that magic could not exist in this world because it was not scientific. Only a few of the great wizards of the past understood how very wrong this line of thinking was, for magic, more than any other discipline was a precise, scientific branch of learning. The problem was amplified by the fact that it took hundreds of years of dedicated study for a novice to even begin to master this craft. Only the brightest students reached the level of learning necessary to overcome death and complete their studies. The reason that the Gods designed the science of magic to be so difficult to master is quite simple really. If more than a few were allowed to master the powers of magic, the conflict between the two branches would threaten to rip apart the very fabric of time and space. There was another limiting factor involved, for each master magician could only take his first born son as an apprentice and there was no other way to learn the secrets of magic except by apprenticeship to a master.

Now Ronzig was the first born son of Ronik, the most powerful wizard of that time and as first born, it was his destiny to become Ronik’s apprentice. However, thirteen minutes after Ronzig was born, he was followed into this world by his twin brother Ronzak. As the twins reached the age of apprenticeship, Ronzig began his studies with his father and Ronzak was left to seek other, less challenging disciplines.

As is often the case with siblings, the younger brother was more intelligent than his older brother, but was lacking in the elder brother’s wisdom. Ronzak could not tolerate being second to his less intelligent brother and he left the family home to roam the world.

Ronik’s arch rival, Sonod the Sorcerer was quick to recognize an opportunity to gain the upper hand over Ronik. Sonod had no sons, so he was free to take any apprentice he chose, and he chose Ronzak who already carried the magic gene in his body. This set into motion, the events which led to the fiercest battle of magic which the world has ever known, The Battle of the Twins.

By the time the twin brothers had reached the age of 313, they had far surpassed the knowledge and skills of their mentors. They were the two most powerful magicians ever to walk the face of the Earth.

Ronzig the Wizard and Ronzak the Sorcerer were destined to clash, for one had embraced the powers of the Gods and the other had embraced the powers of the demons.

The legend of this battle is another story for another time. It is enough for the purpose of this tale to relate the fact that the conflagration lasted over 500 years and so disrupted the balance of the universe that it triggered an ice age on the planet Earth.

Ronzig was near defeat as the tide of battle had swung to favour Ronzak, but in his wisdom, he conjured up a box with the last of his powers. This was no ordinary box, for it was set to capture all dark magic. Its workings followed the principles of a black hole. The more Ronzak used his powers to fight the containing box, the stronger the box became, until it had drained Ronzak of all of his magic.

Unwilling to destroy his twin brother, Ronzig chose to lock Ronzak’s magic into the box. Ronzak laughs and says he will pick the lock and retrieve his magic. Ronzig knows that his brother can pick any lock, so he conjures up a combination lock, into which he secures the magic. Ronzak laughs and says he will have no trouble devising the combination. Once he has his magic restored, he will meet Ronzig in a final conflict. As Ronzig walks away, he calls to his brother, telling him that the lock is no ordinary one. It has been designed to set its own combination to the number of characters determined by Ronzig. The final genius of the container is that the number of characters in the combination is set to infinity. The lock will never finish generating its combination and cannot be opened unless the complete combination is entered.

And this was the final outcome of a millennium long battle between the two branches of magic. The power of dark magic was defeated and locked away for all eternity, but without the force of dark magic to counter; there was no longer any need for Ronzig’s great magic. Since people no longer were witness to the powers of magic being practiced, they soon forgot that magic was very real and very powerful and they began to believe that the legends of sorcerers and wizards were only myths.

Although Ronzak no longer has his magic powers he is still a very strong force in the world. He has changed his name to BILL and he guards the GATES of Hell.

Ronzig, the last of the great wizards, uses his magic in less dramatic ways than he did in the old days. Now Ronzig the Wizard conjures up amazing digital photoArt creations with his magic mouse.

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